Why, hello there!

Hiya! My name is Jadina, i am currently a 19-year old college student in New Jersey. I know what your thinking, “your from the jersey shore and probably act just like Snooki, and Jwoww”,  and that i fist pump and GTL my nights away. However i am sorry to announce that i am not from the Jersey shore , and until the show The Jersey Shore came out i had no idea what the phrases “beat that beat up” or ” GTL!” even meant. I am from North Jersey which is approximately  30-45 minutes away from NYC by train.

So your probably wondering why i decided to make a WordPress  Well i just recently changed my major at school. I just changed it to RTF and Journalism with a minor in PR/ Advertising. RTF stands for Radio, Television, and Film. Before i was an RTF and Journalism major i was an Early Childhood Education and Writing Arts major with a specialization in Special Education.  Deciding to change my major was scary, considering I’ve always thought i would grow up and become a kindergarten teacher. I “knew” i wanted to be a teacher when i was in the third grade, and i pinpointed kindergarten when i was in the fifth grade. So to change my major was frighting but i think  it was necessary.  When i woke up to go to my education classes i wasn’t excited, it just felt like a part of a routine. Now that I’ve changed my major i can honestly say that i am eager to learn and be the best at my new found craft.

Until next time




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