Living In A Daze

These past two days have been extremely difficult; not just for me but for people all over the world. First we have the Trayvon Martin vs. George Zimmerman trial verdict that left millions of Americans heartbroken and devastated. On Saturday night the jury came to the conclusion that Zimmerman who shot and killed an innocent 17 year old boy, in the act of “self-defense” was innocent. Causing Zimmerman to walk, without any punishment. I have no idea what the jury was thinking when they came to this verdict.

Zimmerman was NOT a police officer he was apart of a neighborhood WATCH!! Watching means, to watch and when you see something suspicious you call for the police. The thing that really bothers me is that Zimmerman was told not to pursue Martin. However Zimmerman decided not to listen, and resulted in him taking an innocent young man’s life! Where is the justice for not only Martin…but his family, friends, and loved ones?? NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE! Taking away another humans life is not okay and should not go unpunished!

The next awful and world shaking thing happened on Sunday. I woke up as i would any other morning, and instantly hopped on twitter. The first tweet i see is saying Rip. Cory Monteith. I shook my head in utter disgust, thinking as usual twitter was killing of celebrities.( For those of you who don’t know Cory plays Finn Hudson on Fox’s hit show Glee.) As i keep scrolling down my tl, i keep seeing RIP cory tweets. I went to my trends next and my heart dropped as R.I.P Cory was the number one trend world wide. Tears instantly left my eyes as i read the news article on E! saying that officials just announced that the 31-year old Glee star was found dead in his hotel room in Canada.

I have been a huge fan of glee for quite some time now. Like million of others Gleeks, Glee has had a huge impact on my life. Loosing Cory broke my heart. He wasn’t my all time favorite person on Glee, but i did like him. I liked him because he was genuine, on and off of Glee. No i never met him before in person but everyone always said he was a great person. When he checked himself into rehab for his ongoing drug problem i was incredibly proud of him. Not just because he was going to get the help that he needed, but because  he was doing it so publicly, and how he wasn’t ashamed.

I was equally proud of him when he finished his program. I loved Cory and Lea together so much. They were the perfect couple. They were Glee’s Jay-Z and Beyonce. A power couple. And that’s when i remembered Lea and how devastated she must be feeling right now, and that when i really lost it. I went from crying silently to a crying fit. It got worse and worse as the day went on hearing other Glee stars reaction to his death. From Mark’s heartbreaking “No.” tweet on twitter, to seeing a picture of Jane breakdown on a stoop, to hearing Naya trembling to the floor, i continued shedding tears for the fallen Glee star.

The cause of Cory’s death is still unkown, but i pray that it wasnt because of an overdose, espically because everyone says he was doing so well. My heart goes out to the rest of the Gleeks who are hurting and of course to the Glee cast, Lea and his family. Stay strong.

God has gained two amazing angles up in heaven. Stay strong America.


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