London, The place I Left My Heart


On January 6th 2014 I made the move to London, England. I went to London for school & for myself ( so i studied abroad). During my time in London i took two classes, and had a fantastic internship with London’s leading fashion and beauty PR agency Modus Publicity. While studying and working in London i fell head over heels in love. In love with London, the place that i called my home with only four short months of living there. During my time in London i learned a lot about myself. One thing being that i can navigate a foreign place successfully. The second is that i am a lot more independent then i give myself credit for. One thing about London that i absolutely adore is that it’s okay to be alone. Its perfectly normal to walk down the street, take the tube, ride the bus, and go out to eat by yourself. Which is something i would have never have the courage or even think about doing back home in the states. The third thing i realized is that i am interested in doing beauty PR. My internship with Modus Publicity introduced me to my love of beauty products. So thanks to Modus i found another career path i can follow (instead of just doing fashion and entertainment PR), and on top of that i learned so much, and made so many amazing connections for my future.

Some other things that i love about London are the people, the atmosphere, the dessert, and its natural beauty. I met some amazing people during my time in London and i made life long friends, which is something i am eternally grateful. There is no doubt in my mind that my time in London would have been drastically different if i didn’t have amazing people to share my experience with.

The atmosphere in London is magical. There is no other way to describe it. I don’t know what it is about that London air that makes you believe you can do anything, be anything that you want, but that’s i how i felt everyday. Maybe it was because everyone was always dressed, no body dared to step out in yoga pants, or sweatpants. Trust me glares were give.

London opened my eyes to what my life could be and what i want it to be. Which is why i am excited and miserable being back home now. I’m miserable because i miss London so much. On the other hand I am excited to be back home so i can finish my last year of college, so i can start a career and eventually go back to living in London.

This post has gotten way too long so i will leave you with a little bit of east London street art!!

Cheers!! xxx



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