Bliss: Pore Perfecting Facial Polish


So during my time in London I had the opportunity to be a beauty intern at London’s leading fashion and beauty PR agency: Modus Publicity. While at Modus I was able to take home a bunch of products to try out this way i can learn more about the brands Modus represents. Which makes this blog the perfect platform for me to write my reviews for the products i was given. So the first product is from Bliss. In New York there is a Bliss Spa and if you live around or in the city I highly suggest you give this spa a visit. Anyway I have been using this facial polish for about 2 1/2 weeks now, and i could see the difference in my face instantly. The pores on my nose are extremely noticeable and i always try to find a product that will help minimize them. After years and endless drugstores i have finally found a product that works!!

Unlike other “pore perfecting” products Bliss’s  Pore Perfecting Facial Polish is extremely gentle on you face. While other products that use scrubbing grains normally feel as if your rubbing sandpaper all over your face, Bliss’s Pore Perfecting Facial Polish is hands down one of the most efficient, gentle, and fast acting pore perfecting facial polish’s on the market right now. I haven’t seen this product on the shelves in any drugstore so your best bet for buying the product is just going to their website: 

This is a product i can see myself using over and over and over again, and recommending it anybody and everybody. Thank you Bliss for making such a grade A product and ending my search to make my pores smaller and less noticeable!



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