The Best DIY Sites Around

Hey guys! So this post will be dedicated to all the amazingly awesome DIY blogs and websites that I frequent.

The first website that I go to all the time has an amazing post focused on beauty called: 25 DIY Beauty Tips and Tricks

The second website, is a website I visit when i’m in need for a life hack, and don’t want to spend money. This particular post is all about making life easier!

The next blog is a blog I check a couple times a day. This blog is a college lifestyle blog, and every college student should know about it.

The fourth blog on my list is a blog that I just recently came across. This blog gave me a lot of inspiration on how to decorate my apartment for this year.

The fifth blog, is a blog on Tumblr, and being a lover of all things on Tumblr I fell in love with this blog almost immediately. Unfortunately it hasn’t been updated in a while, but fear not because there is still so many cool DIY projects, as well as tips and advice on how to survive college!

This blog is quickly climbing the ranks and is becoming one of my favorite sites to visit in general. This blog is called Whipperberry. Whipperberry give you the perfect mix of recipes and DIY projects. I love baking and trying out new recipes so this website is perfect for finding new recipes.


The last blog to keep in your daily rotation. This blog focuses on college and DIY projects to spice up your room. The author of this blog is a graduate student who is living on a budget. She gives amazing cost-saving tips that every beginner DIY and every DIY guru should know!

Until next time!

-Jadina x


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