Yummy Homemade Rice Krispie Treats

So this past Thursday was the return of one of the greatest television shows…Scandal! My roommates and I are all obsessed with the show, so naturally we all agreed to watch it together. Since I love making a big deal out of the small things I decided to throw a little scandal party for us. Nothing over the top, just a little something to set the mood for Scandal. One of the many things I ended up making was Rice Krispie Treats! Rice Krispie treats is one of the most easiest desserts/party snacks you could make. It only has FOUR steps!

All you need is: Butter, Marshmallows and Rice Krispies


The first step is to turn on a burner on the stove. Once the burner is on put butter in the pot. The amount of butter you use depends on how big your ending pan is and how many people you are serving.


Once you see the butter start melting, add the marshmallows. Once again the amount of marshmallows added is completely up to how you like your Rice Krispies!


Once you see the marshmallows and the butter melting into one another add your cereal, and mix all three ingredients together.


Once everything is all mixed together transfer the mix into a flat pan (a brownie pan), and spread mixture evenly, Let cool, cut into squares and serve!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take a picture of the finished product, because my roommates are impatient and ate half of the pan while I was letting it cool. But none the less, that’s how you make yummy Rice Krispie Treats, in less than 15 minutes!

Until next time!



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