Tie-Dying with Vee

Meet Vee… a 22 year old senior at Rowan University who is studying elementary education, who is opening up about her passion for tie-dying, and giving tips every dyer should know!

Q. When did you start tie-dying? 

A. I started tie-dying about 7 or 8 years ago. So about my junior year of high school.

Q. How did you first learn how to tie-dye? 

A. I actually learned in school, during chemistry. It was the last day of school, and my chem. teacher had us tie-dye as the last experiment of the year.

Q. Where do you get your supplies (ie. dye, rubber-bands, shirts…) 

A. Walmart.

Q.  What are four tips that you would tell someone who wants to start tie-dying? 

A.1. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty

2. Wet whatever you are dying before you put the dye on (it helps the dye hold better)

3. After you put the dye on whatever your dying, let it sit for 2 or 3 days for a brighter color. The more              you let it set, the less the color will fade

4. You get the best results if whatever your dying is 100% cotton. It holds color the best

Q. How long does it take you? 

A. If i’m doing three shirts, its usually a 20 minute prep followed by the actual tie-dying which takes about 5-8 minutes. Of course if your doing more than three shirts it’s going to take more time.

Q. What are some tie-dying techniques you use? 

A. Well you could do the bulls-eye pattern, where you grab the fabric from the middle and then twist in a circular motion. There’s also the spiral where you twist the fabric in a circular motion, and then you put the rubber-bands on like a wheel. And then the last one I do is stripes. So you fold the shirt like an accordion, and then you twist the shirt in a circle then put on the rubber bands.


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Q. How much do you love tie-dying?  

A. I love it! I wanna drop out of school and become a professional tie-dyer! I would definitely say that it’s a passion of mine. It’s fun. Tie-dying makes me feel like a kid again, its almost like finger painting. Plus its my way of giving people gifts that they’ll actually use.

Q.What are some of your favorite things to tie-dye? 

A. I like tie-dying sheets as tapestries because its an easy way to save money, while decorating. And of course I like tie-dying shoes and shirts.

Q. What’s something you want to tie-dye in the future? 

A. One day i want to do a pair of leggings, but what I really wanna do is a whole sheet set. Yeah it would be really cool if i ever did a whole sheet set, but a 100% cotton sheet set is expensive…

Q. Since you want to become a teacher, would you ever let your class tie-dye? 

A. YES! I actually really want to especially if i teach kids in the fifth grade and up. Oh, and when I have kids of my own one day i’m going to teach them for sure.

Q.Is there anything I missed that you think people would like to know? 

A. Be prepared for people always asking you to tie-dye them something. For me it’s like if I make you one, I make you one. But yeah just be prepared for people to start throwing white shirts at you!

So if after reading this your interested in learning how to tie-dye, check out THIS amazing instruction video I found.

Until next time!

Jadina x 


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