Chalk It Up!

With Halloween being right around the corner, its the perfect time to experiment with hair ideas! There’s no better way to change your hair color in a non-permanent quick way like chalk! Use this Halloween to pump up your costume, or to finally take the plunge to walk around with red, pink, blue, or green hair.

All you need to chalk your hair is chalk (preferably pastel chalk), water, and a flatiron/ a heat source

I got the chalk from Walgreen’s for $7, and it included pink and a turquoise blue chalk.



Photo By: Jadina Hargrove
Photo By: Jadina Hargrove
Photo By: Jadina Hargrove

While I researched how to chalk my hair, some sites recommended wetting the parts of you hair where you want the chalk, but other sites didn’t mention it.  What I took away is that if you have blonde or light hair, wetting your hair will make the color stay on longer making it semi-permanent.

Photo By: kimmikillzombie.killer

So here are the steps :

**Optional first step: wet hair**

1. Twist hair

2. Apply chalk in a downward motion (applying chalk up and down will damage and break your ends)

3. Let air dry. DO NOT BLOW DRY

4. If you want your color to set in use heat ( flatiron/ curl to )



Some Helpful Tips:

– While chalking wear an old shirt/ put a towel around your neck

– Be prepared to get chalk EVERYWHERE

– If you get it on your clothes, don’t panic! It’ll come off in the wash



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