The Best DIY Facials

With the cold winter almost upon us, taking care of your face and keeping it face hydrated is more important than ever. The cold air can dry out your face in an instant! So in honor of keeping your face nice and moisturized and refreshed I found seven easy DIY face mask recipes, for every skin type so you’re sure to find a mask recipe that will work for you!


1. The Miracle Mask–This DIY mask, made of nutmeg, honey, and cinnamon, is the perfect solution for stressed out skin. Nutmeg and honey are natural anti-inflammatories that reduce swelling and redness in skin. Meanwhile the nutmeg and cinnamon works to exfoliate your skin.

2. Heavenly Orange Citrus Mask— Marie Claire offers four different DIY facial masks in this article but the one that really caught my attention was the heavenly orange citrus mask, mainly because it only has two ingredients. All you need is honey and orange juice, and then you’ll be walking around with a healthy organic glow.

3.  Avocado Egg White Face Mask—  This face mask is perfect for oily, combination and/or acne-prone skin. The mask hydrates and repairs while tightening pores and clearing troubled skin, and reduces redness. This simple face mask can be use weekly or whenever needed.

4. Homemade Cucumber Face Mask—  For this face mask all you need is a cucumber, milk powder, and yogurt. Cucumber anything really is good because it hydrates your skin. It also helps relieve burns and swelling, and leaves your skin soft.

5. Mud Mask— This mask is the perfect solution for oily skin. This is perfect for people prone to oily skin. In order to make this mask all you need are four ingredients: tea tree oil, rosewater, fullers earth, and honey.

6. Porridge Oats or Finely Ground Oatmeal— This is a super easy recipe that will gently exfoliate, which works great with sensitive skin.

7. Coffee & Cocoa Facial Mask— This face mask is all about getting rid of your dull and dry skin. Coffee and cocoa as a combination, decrease puffiness in the face and the eye area, brighten skin and wake up a dull-ish complexion (hello caffeine!).

Until next time! 



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