DIY Heart-Shaped Valentines Day Projects

With Valentines day approaching, here are some of the best and easiest heart shaped DIY projects around perfect for your valentine or your friends!

1. Conversation Heart Cookies 


Follow this Martha Steward recipe and leave your loved one a sweet message!

2. Heart Shaped Jell-O squares


I know these look really intimidating to make, but I promise you there not! Not only are they easy to make but, also only take 20 minutes!

3. Heart shaped pepperoni


This one is for the pizza lover in all of us. If you and your Valentine likes to make your own pizza (which is a great date night activity) just cut out little heart shapes out of the pepperoni, you can use a cookie cutter or a knife.

4.Heart Shaped Glaze Doughnuts


Find this delicious recipe here 

5. Knotted Heart Necklace


String jewelry is really in right now, and it’s cool because you can use old hoodie strings, or any other type of rope or string! Learn how to make it here.

6. String Art Heart 


Learn how to create this masterpiece here

7. Origami Heart Bookmarks 


Learn how to make these heart bookmarks in just 15 easy steps here

8. Valentines day pixelated popup card


Learn how to make this really cool and futuristic card here 

9. Strawberry Heart Poptarts 


Check out this delicious recipe here

Happy ((early))  Valenties Day everyone!!




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