Slowly Becoming a Sneaker Head (That is the Right Terminology Right?!)

Hi Guys!

First and foremost let me start this blog post off in the same fashion that my last post started with- a poor apology for not writing and posting new content on here like I should be. I swear this time around things will be different; I’m motivated! 

So recently I have been really getting to sneakers which is a total foreign area for me. Anyone who even slightly knows me, knows that I am a bootie girl through thick and thin, and through all the seasons.  For some strange reason sneakers have really been catching my eye and have been stealing a little part of my heart. 

The first pair I got was a pair of all black Nike Roshe’s (you can NEVER go wrong with anything all black). The second pair of shoes I coped (peep my sneaker-language) was Adidas Superstar Foundation Shoes, s/o to you Kylie Jenner for making them seem so appetizing (are you supposed to talk about sneakers like they’re food?)

Take a look below at some of the sneakers that have caught my eye! 



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