12 Days of Blogging: Scream Queens

On the fifth day of 12 days of blogging I give to you…Scream Queens?!

That’s right I’m breaking the “traditional holiday” theme of this 12 Days of Blogging.  Like many people I tuned in every Tuesday for a new episode of Scream Queens. I’m not a fan of horror movies or anything that’s remotely scary; but Scream Queens had the most amazing and refreshing costumes.

So I decided to dedicate a blog post to the fashion on that show. Check out some of the show’s look along with where you can get the clothes from! Maybe you’ll see something you want to gift or maybe you’ll see something perfect for that holiday party.


Dress- Karolina Sleeveless Striped Popover


Mouchette Lost Heart Tee 
Jacquard Weave Skirt 
Tartan Plaid Trousers
Ribbed Stripe Tube Skirt 
ASOS Stars Mini Faux Fur Cape Co-ord
TopShop Origami Rose Bandeau Dress

To see more looks from Scream Queens visit here.


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