12 Days of Blogging: Having a Kardashian Christmas

On the 7th day of blogging I give you… a Kardashian/Jenner Christmas!

Like the majority of the population I am obsessed with the Kardashian/Jenner clan. I love how they always spend the holidays together, and they put a cute little spin on it.

Kim recently said that for this Christmas they’ll all be going over Kourtney’s house in their pajamas and that’s where they’ll spend the day at.

For some reason a Kardashian Christmas just seems so much more glamorous and fun than the rest of the worlds Christmas. So I thought I’d put together a guide on how to have a Kardashian Christmas!



  1. Pajamas. Since they’ll be spending all day in them, they have to be stylish but most importantly comfortable. The above picture is Kendall and Penelope (2014). You can find these adorable pj’s here and here.


2. Hot Chocolate. I mean if were being honest hot chocolate is a good thing to have any day of the year. But just picture sipping hot chocolate sitting by your lit Christmas tree staring at the fire that’s blazing in your fire place (Can you imagine a more #tumblr insta post?!)


3. Movies. What’s Christmas without holiday movies?! Christmas is a great day to sit back and relax


4. Christmas cookies! Mhhh-mmm I do love some Christmas cookies. But not any kind of cookie…I am trying to re-create a Kardashian/Jenner Christmas after all. For over 100 cookie recipes click here.


5. Family. The reason why the Kardasihan’s always have a great Christmas is because they’re around the people they love the most. Gifts and things are great but let’s not forget the real reason behind Christmas folks. So this Christmas take the time out and enjoy being around your loved ones.


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