12 Days of Blogging…Holiday Traveling Essentials

On the ninth  day of 12 days of blogging I give to you…My Traveling Essentials!

’tis the season for traveling. Whether you’re going to see some family or going on a family vacation its so important to always pack the right thing.

So I am going to show you guy’s some of my 10 travel necessities.


  1. Portable Charger($18.99). THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. I never wanna be one of those people who get cranky because their phone is dying and they either don’t have their charger with them; or they can’t find an outlet. This little portable charger is great for long car rides and planes. 14213685
  2. Headphones($29.99). I’m one of those people who can’t do anything without music, so headphones are pretty important to me. Plus these are great to block out any noise, or that annoying cousin. 15045578
  3. Wet Ones($1.29). These are great for the plane ride and for the hotel. When flying I always wipe down the hard surfaces and the first thing I wipe down in a hotel is the remote control. These are just handy to carry around in your purse/bag in general. 16600205
  4. NYX Skin Elixir($10.19). This product is a godsend. I don’t care what anyone says traveling takes a toll on your skin so it’s important to keep moisturized (is also helps with complexion!)13353259
  5. Lotion($1.99). There is no excuse for dry hands people! None at all! 15711731
  6. Chap Stick($2.99). Because who want’s to travel with chapped lips?! 14777835
  7. Hand Sanitizer ($1.44). Germs. Germs are everywhere. 300 (1)
  8. Advil(2.97). For those pesky headaches that sneak up on you at the worst time possible. 300
  9. Tums ($5.99). We all get upset tummies 😦 14709158
  10. Mints/Gum($2.00). Nobody wants to start a conversation with some on with bad breath. Also gum is great to have with you when you’re flying; it helps with the popping of your ears.




One thought on “12 Days of Blogging…Holiday Traveling Essentials

  1. Seems like my list of essentials for travel 😉
    Can’t do without music,
    If music player has to work : phone has to be charged (portable charger),
    Wouldn’t step out without a sanitizer,
    Cant survive a Winter without lotion and lip balm 😀

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