12 Days of Blogging…Winter Essentials

On the 10th day of 12 days of blogging I give to you…My Winter Essentials!

When it’s the dead of summer you can catch me saying “I can’t wait till winter!” I say that not because I’m in love with the cold, but because I’m in love with winter accessories. To me it’s waaayyy easier to get dressed in the fall/winter time than in the summer.

So here are some things that get me through the winter!


  • Rain Boots! I love rain boots. These shoes are perfect for when its’s snowy or really slippery out. For those of you who aren’t into the traditional rain boot– check out these Sperry one’s that caught my eye. 5825-CHE_1
  • Uggs. Do I really have to explain this one? 3230768-p-MULTIVIEW
  • Timbs. I’ve never been a fan of Timbs (or brave enough to wear them). But these bad boys made their way onto my Christmas list this year. S/O to you Hailey Baldwin for rocking them and making me fall in love with them! Scarves.
  • C944426_gray-cl
  • I LOVE SCARVES!!!  Scarves can take your outfit to a whole new level. Plus they keep you nice and warm!
  • Beanies and Headwraps. I’m one of those people who unfortunately don’t have “hat head”. Which basically means all kinds of hats look like crap on my head; so I usually go for the head wrap. All the benefits of a hat without the hat hair.


  • Texting Gloves. If you’re not wearing/don’t own a pair of texting gloves what are you doing with your life?! These gloves are a life saver. INVEST in a pair ASAP!


  • Umbrella. I don’t care what any one says, it’s always important to carry an umbrella with you.


  • Socks. When Robert Kardashian first launched his sock line I was the first in line(If you think i’m ashamed you’re wrong!) These socks are the only socks I wear in the winter. They are great when I wear my rain boots because they are thick and stop my feet from sliding around. Plus they are so cute and extremely comfortable.

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