12 Days of Blogging…YouTube Beauty MUA’s

On the 11th day of 12 days of blogging I give to you…my two favorite MUA on YouTube !

Whenever I want to try a new look I always look for guidance on the internet. Which is exactly how I found Nikki and Jayde. I’ll talk about Nikki first.


I came across Nikkie on YouTube. She’s from Amsterdam and I love her. Shes’ fun, loves a good glow and really cares about her viewers. She gives great tips and always reviews a wide variety of products.

She also posts a lot of really fun videos, like the “boyfriend did my makeup” and “No Mirror Challenge”. If you’re every looking for a way to pass time…look no further!

Check out Nikkie’s Holiday Glam video below!



Jayde Pierce is someone I found through Justin Bieber. She’s the girl who was with him on his famous Bora Bora trip (where the paps took naked photos of him). She lives in London, and always gets sent the BEST products. I follow her on SnapChat and it seems like everyday she’s getting sent some makeup to try out.

One thing that I like about Jayde is that we are about the same skin complexion so I can just run out and get the exact same products that she uses. Which is extremely helpful this way I’m not in the store standing there scratching my head.

Another thing that I like about her is that she’s honest. From watching her SnapChat’s I’ve learned that if she doesn’t like a product she’ll flat out tell you; and then she’ll explain why– which is super helpful.

Here’s the video to some of Jayde’s favorite products!

Nikkie’s: SnapChat-Nikkietutorials //Instagram// YouTube

Jayde’s SnapChat-jaydepierce // Instagram//YouTube



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