12 Days of Blogging…Best of 2015

One the last day of 12 days of blogging.. I give to you 12 moments that broke the internet!

I just want to give a quick s/o to everyone who checked back in during these 12 days of blogging! I really enjoyed doing this, and It made me fall back in love with blogging & I’m really excited for the future!

So without further adieu here are the top 12 moments of 2015 that broke the internet.

Llama Drama. Remember that time that two Llama’s escaped a show and tell presentation and then had police chase them for more than 30 minutes?

Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge. Cause sucking on a shot glass just sounds like a great idea!

The Condom Challenge. Let me be the first one to say- all these challenges need to stop, because they just get stupider and stupider.

Caitlyn Jenner. Caitlyn Jenner broke a world record on Twitter by gaining 1 million followers in less than a couple of hours. The record holder before her? Oh, it was just President Barack Obama. Glamour Magazine also named her Women of the Year!


Rachel Dolezal. You know the women who was born with two white parents, but she identifies as black.  Dolezal was the former NAACP leader who lied about her race (she claimed and identified as an African-American). However her own parents outed her as white. Even after being outed Dolezal still persisted that she was black.

Netflix and Chill.


Zayn. Zayn left One Direction, and I skipped all my classes and laid in my bed listening to all 1D hoping this was all just a bad dream.


Drake-Hotline Bling. Because I roll my eyes when this song comes on but for some reason I can’t stop myself from singing and dancing along.

Pizza Rat. I like pizza, but not so much the rat.


Kim Kardashian. It takes talent to be able to balance a champagne glass on you toosh!

Donald Trump. I’m still waiting for the punch line.


The Dress. You just had to know that the dress was gonna make this list!



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