Get to know the Contestants of The Bachelor

So this year, is the first year that I started watching and really even noticed the show The Bachelor. I don’t know why I started watching (maybe its because all my other shows were on hiatus or maybe my curiosity got the best of me), but I’m completely hooked.

As episode five is quickly approaching, I thought I would do a post about the remaining contestants.  So here we go…


  1. Amanda (25). Amanda is a mother of two girls, and works as a Esthetician. Her favorite movies include: Greese, Bridesmaids, and the Notebook. She currently runs her own health& wellness beauty site.


2. Becca(26). Apparently Becca has been on the Bachelor before, and is most known because she is still a virgin. Her occupation is a Chiropractic Assistant. She can’t live without food, family, friends, Wi-Fi, and Netflix.


3. Caila (24). Like Ben she is in the computer/techy business– as a Software Sales Rep. (who knew this was a popular field/even a thing). She is half Filipino and half German/Irish/Swiss. Fun fact- if she could be any fruit or vegetable she would be a… pomegranate.


4. Emily(22). She’s a twin. Literally under Occupation it says Twin! Her twin was actually on the show and it weirded (is that a real word?) the crap out of me. She’s from Las Vegas, her favorite type of music is Country.


5.Jennifer(25). Thank God I’m doing this because I had no idea this girl existed. Her camera time must be next to none! Jennifer’s a small business owner from Fort Lauderdale.


6. Joelle “JoJo”(24). She’s a Real Estate Developer form Dallas, TX. Her Favorite movies include: Wedding Crashers, Clueless, and Patch Adams.  Fun fact- she can make a mean quesadilla. ** Does she remind anyone else of Lucy Hale?!**


7. Jubilee(24).I have mixed feelings about Jubilee. Her thing is that she’s a complicated person and she’s not all happy go lucky like the other contestants. She’s basically self-destructing, which is sad because I think Ben actually likes her; even though the rest of the house can’t stand her. Anyway back to the facts– Jubilee is a War Veteran, and she loves country music and R&B. Her favorite flowers a sunflowers.

Lauren B.

8. Lauren B. (25). I think Lauren B. is one of Ben’s favorites. She’s a Flight Attendant from Marina Del Rey, CA. Her guilty pleasure is going to brunch and having mimosas.If she could be any one else for the day she would be the FLOUTS. Lauren caught Ben’s eye as soon as she stepped foot out of that limo on the first night. There are rumors floating around that she actually does end up with Ben.

Lauren H.

9. Lauren H. (25). She’s another one that must not get a lot of camera time. Lauren H. is a Kindergarten Teacher from Ann Arbor, MI. If she could be anyone for a day she would be Chris Harrison(he’s the host of the show).


10. Leah(25). She’s and Event Planner from Denver, CO.  She’s into cycling, and hates the feeling of being cold. If she could be anybody for a day she would be Ariel from The Little Mermaid.


11. Olivia(23). I actually have A LOT to say about Olivia but I’ll *try* to keep it short. I really liked Olivia in the beginning. I liked how her and Ben vibed together but then she started going a little crazy, and I’m actually really upset that Ben hasn’t said goodbye to her yet. *Spoiler Alert(s): Ben lost someone close to him and he expressed that he was feeling down to the girls- what does Olivia do? She takes that time to talk about how much she hates her ugly toes and her cankles. Uh-excuse me Olivia but if I was Ben I would have told you to get out of my face. NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR TOES WHEN THEY’RE MOURNING! Nobody. Even though it’s only about to be episode five she has already told Ben that she’s falling for him (hold your horses you still got at least 6 more episodes to go).

Be sure to tune into The Bachelor every Monday at 9 on ABC.


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