Sephora Makeup Haul

So today during my lunch break, I marched over to the nearest Sephora. My mission? To get a liquid foundation that doesn’t make me look like I just dipped my face in oil & one that matches my complexion, oh and something to put on my lips.

I met with a makeup artist Jackie (actually I forced her to help me.) I told her that I was basically a lip virgin. The only thing that goes on them is my chapstick. I’m not a big fan of color on my lips so a natural color was très important.

The lip that I ended up with is called Earth Angel. It goes on like chapstick and adds just a bit of color. Best of only cost me $10

Next, Jackie sat me down at the makeup counter and pulled out this contraption that would help her match my skin to the perfect foundation. Which lead to….

This wonderful Nars foundation($40.00)in medium/dark(with caramel undertones) 2 Tahoe. Jackie applied this foundation with this Make Up Forever brush($36.00). When I asked her if a beauty blender or a brush was better she said a brush– because it gives me fuller coverage.

One thing that Jackie taught me is that sunscreen MATTERS. I’m one of those people who doesn’t believe in sunscreen. My whole thought process behind it is, I don’t peel and I don’t burn. Therefore I don’t need it. BUT I DO. WE ALL DO! Years of going without any kind of SPF has left my face with dark and light spots. So in order to correct it, she used Makeup Forever’s 5 Camouflage Cream Palette Color Correct & Concealer #4($48.00)

This handy kit will allow me to conceal, highlight, and contour. The before and after, using this kit was like night and day.

Well here’s my before and after! (Note: Not wearing the lip gloss/stick)

Some things that I learned during my time at Sephora:

  • Never go during your lunch break, because it is not a store you can go in and out of
  • ALWAYS ask how much things are. I didn’t and boy was I surprised when I saw the total at the cash register. (tbh i’m still feeling a little uneasy)
  • It’s okay to spend money on quality products, that will go on your face everyday ** this is me trying to convince myself that it’s okay that I spent as much as I did**
  • If you aren’t looking to spend that much money, go in and get your skin tested so they tell you what shade you are, then head over to a drugstore and get your foundation
  • The MUA at Sephora are super helpful, funny, sweet, and the care. Which is why I bought everything that touched my face.




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