Inside Keke Palmer and Chantel Jeffries Makeup Routine

Keke Palmer has been someone who I’ve looked up to for a long time now. As a child I watched her in True Jackson VP, and wanted to be just like her. And now that we’ve both grown up- I still want to be like her (um hello? did you see her slay in Grease Live?!) She is confident, funny, respectful, wise, humble and sends out positive vibes all the time. ~Thanks to Snapchat I think I know her.~  Since I follow her on Snap I’ve always noticed that she keeps her face beat about 75% of the time. It was actually on Snap that she previewed her makeup tutorial- which you can find below.

I heard about Chantel Jeffries when JB famously got arrested for speeding in Miami (she was the girl in the car with him.) When did I start following her on Snapchat/what made her relevant to me? I have no clue. But I would have to be blind and delusional to not see how beautiful she is(#eyebrowgoalsforlife). So I was really excited when last week she stopped by Allure Magazine’s office and showed exactly how she does her brows.

Products that Keke used:

  1. Cetaphil Cleanser
  2. Hydradiance Eye Contour
  3. Murad SPF 30
  4. Vitamin B Cream
  5. Beauty Blender
  6. NARS Medium Dark 4
  7. MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15
  8. Eye Shader Brush
  9. Mac NC45 Concealer
  10. Mac NC42 Concealer
  11. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage SC-7 
  12. Anastasia Contour Kit
  13. Givenchy Loose Powder
  14. Ardell Lashes
  15. Becca
  16. Kat Von D Eyeliner
  17. Buxom Mascara
  18. Iman Earth 5 Luminous Foundation
  19. Peaches MAC
  20. Torrid Nars
  21. Black Opal Amber
  22. Subculture Mac Lipliner
  23. MAC Huggable Lipcolor

Products that can be used to get eyebrows like Chantel:

  1. Brow Powder Duo
  2. Tinted Brow Gel
  3. Clear Brow Gel
  4. Dipbrow Pomade
  5. Brow Wiz
  6. Perfect Brow Pencil
  7. Sculpt & Highlight Brow Contour
  8. Tame & Frame Brow Promade
  9. Eyebrow Shaper
  10. Auto Eyebrow Pencil
  11. Eyebrow Cake Powder 

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