My Honest Opinion: Lush Cosmetics

I remember my first Lush experience like it was yesterday.

It was 2014 and I was studying abroad in London, and my friend dragged me in the store talking about how they have the best products, and how she’s so obsessed with them.

If I would have known that I too would become obsessed with the store and end up literally just throwing my money at them, I would have never stepped foot in the store.

The problem with Lush (at least to me) isn’t the prices its the employees. THEY ARE TOO HELPFUL AND NICE! STOP IT!!! YOU’RE ALREADY GETTING MY MONEY, YA WANT MY SOUL TOO?!

I can never go into Lush not knowing exactly what I want because, those lovely employees will trap me and let me try literally every product in the store, and next thing I know I’m walking out the door with over $150 worth of product (true story!)

It took me a while, but once I figured out that these Lush employees can break down my “don’t talk to me , don’t look at me” facade, withing second., I  never go into the store without knowing what product(s) I want- thus ensuring me of an easy grab and go.

So what Lush products have I tried? Did I love them? Are they worth the money?

I’m about to tell you all about it! (If your looking/want to know about bath bombs- sorry I never got into that fad!)

Shower Gels 


I’ll start with my favorite shower gel: Prince Charming. Not only is this my all time favorite, but it was my first. The only thing I hate about this is it’s only available in the month of February (for Valentines Day).  Prince Charming goes on so smooth and leaves your skin so soft. Plus the smell of this shower gel is out of this world. I really want to try to describe the smell for you guys but I know whatever I type won’t live up to the actual heavenly smell of it.



So when I first bought Prince Charming and plowed my way through the bottle, I didn’t know it was a Limited Edition so I was not happy that I had to venture off and try another fragrance(?) I came across Happy Hippy, which not only smells like grape fruit, but it also made me immediately thing of Miley Cyrus’s foundation Happy Hippie. I was sold. Miley if you’re reading this I love you…also how tf did you find this blog?!


The next shower gel I tried was It’s Raining Men. I got strange looks from my mom and dad when they saw this in the bathroom- but even my mom couldn’t deny how good it smelled. It’s Raining Men smells like a mix of honey, and toffee, and fudge. Just like the rest of the gels it goes on smooth, creates nice suds, and gives you smooth skin, and smells great!

Shampoo Bars


To this day I have no clue how I was convinced to buy this. This is the Honey I Washed my Hair Shampoo Bar.  It’s like shampoo…but in bar form. Maybe I bought this cause it was $9.95 and compared to everything else it was cheap? I DON’T KNOW. Using this was weird. It smells like honey,and could go hand-in-hand with the It’s Raining Men Shower Gel. It Lather’s really well just like your normal shampoo, but while I was using it I couldn’t help but feel like I was cheating on my other shampoos, so I only used this for one use.

Face Cleansers

I went into the store looking for a different product that was out of stock and ended up taking this gem home. Ocean Salt  face and body scrub is one of my favorite things. The first time I tried it was during the fall when my face was going through a major break out. This product along with another Lush product helped clear my skin within weeks! This scrub really cleans your face, and leaves you feeling refreshed. I will say if you are looking for something gentle and to use every day this is not for you. You should use this once or twice a week ( I personally cannot use this product in the winter because it drys out my skin)  But as my face becomes more oily this product is my BFF. 00077

Fresh Farmacy  is the product that I used when I realized that using Ocean Salt in the winter time was giving me dry patches. This cleanser is exactly what it says it is-F R E S H. It’s made with  chamomile extract (which calms the skin), rose and lavender (those two ingridents are used to soothe dry patches) and tea tree (which is great at clearing up blemishes)

I had heard wonders about Dark Angels and could’t wait to get my hands on it. Of course when I needed it it went out of stock in stores and online, but eventually this little angel made it’s way to me.I read so many reviews about how this magical product gets rid of acne, and it does! Dark Angles is made with charcoal, and black sugar.

When I first got this product I used it using my sink…which by the time i was done looked like I just threw dirt in my sink. Ontop of that If you don’t use hot water, and really make sure you get all the product off your face you will look like you just worked the hardest shift of your life in the coal mines/ you’re suffering from a mean five o’clock shadow.

Face Masks

This is hands down the only mask you will ever need in your life. Mask of Magnaminty is nothing short of a godsend. Mask of Magnaminty is a deep cleansing mask (I don’t use this every day because of how good of a job it does deep cleaning my face and pores). This is a minty mask with little chunks of aduki beans- which i just learned is used to exfoliate flaky or dry skin.

Lip Scrubs

My mom actually had this Mint Julips before I did . The first time I snuck some I was hooked. This is a edible minty lip scrub (they also offer it in the flavors of bubblegum,and popcorn) This lip scrub has become a staple in my morning routine. If you go into the store or see the actual size of this lip scrub and are hesitant  to spend $9.95 on it do it! You only use and need a little bit so it last a really long time. Plus it makes your lips super smooth and exfoliates them, which is perfect for when your about to be wearing lipstick all day long.


I’m so into Lush and all it’s products I didn’t even realize how lengthy this post had gotten! If you read through all of this post you’re a real one and I love you. I still have more Lush Products that I want to review/tell you about…but I feel a part two of this post coming (;



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