The Perfect Storage Solutions To Support Your Makeup Addiction

Over the past year I have greatly expanded my selection of makeup as well as skin care products. I went from occasionally picking up makeup and face wash from my local CVS to stopping into Sephora once a week, and “researching” skin care products on Amazon daily.

So it’s no surprise that I needed to figure out my storage situation. So off to TargetΒ I went.


At Target I found this 3 Drawer Rolling Cart. As you can see from my lovely illustration above I use the top draw for all my makeup, the second drawer for my hair products/items, and used the last drawer for everything else.

This solution lasted for about a month or two. The reason why this wasn’t the best solution was because everything got mixed in the drawer and it was taking me five minutes to find my eyeliner– which is NOT okay.

So I went to my BFF…Amazon. On Amazon I ordered my saving grace this makeup organizer saves me so much time getting ready.

Since the organizer is clear and has slots, and drawers I can see where everything is located so I don’t have to spend forever looking for something. I HIGHLY suggest investing in one of these. I place the makeup organizer on top off the rolling cart- where I now the top drawer is used to hold excess makeup, face wipes, lotions, etc..


If you are in need for a quick and easy storage solution check out MakeSpace. Makespace is an affordable storage unit with pickup & delivery! Check out their self-storage locations! #Ad




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