The BEST Sheet Masks

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Sheet masks have always been apart of the beauty world, but a couple of months ago they blew up! I mean they were everywhere!

So I did my research and I found the BEST sheet masks around. The masks are by TonyMoly and called I’m Real. The best part about these masks is that it comes in a pack of 11 and cost $10.42Β 

Each pack contains:

– Lemon :Whitening/vitamin C **
– Tea tree : Tea tree extract relieves skin outbreak/maintain healthy and clean skin
– Tomato : Vitamin, fiber/removes dirt**
– Aloe : Soothing, hydrating/regenerate acne scar
– Pomegranate : resilience/female hormone
– Red wine : Tighten pores/against aging factor/exfoliation **
– Sea weed : Skin clearance/radiance
– Broccoli : Vitamin A/raise skin resistance/anti-aging
– Rice : Improves skin tone/radiance
– Avocado : nourishing/ activates collagen**
– Makkoli : Rice-fermented extract / clear skin tone

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Like most face masks these are fairly simply to use…but unlike some face masks you see results almost instantly with these.

.Β FullSizeRender (5).jpg

If you are as obsessed with face masks as I am, you HAVE to try these! And if you have tried them before, let me know what you think/which ones are your favorites in the comments below!

***my favorite out of the packΒ 


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